Spanking In The Movies

by Master Tatu

(c) September 2005

Here are a few of the more famous spanking scenes in the movies and on television.

"Mclintok", 1965

John Wayne spanks Maureen O'hara

There are actually two spanking scenes in this movie.

The first one was with Stephanie Powers who gets her bottom spanked over the knee by Patrick Wayne with a coal shovel. You see her get a couple of wacks as John Wayne walks by. Then you hear some more in the background.

The big famous spanking scene came as John Wayne chases after Maureen O'hara down. During the chase she loses her dress leaving her in corset and petticoat. When he finally captures her he puts her over his knee and spanks her on her backside with a coal shovel. She screams with each spank. When he is done, John Wayne rides a stage coach away with O'hara running after.

Unfortunately, the spanking however was rather crude
and not sensuous at all.

"Blue Hawaii" 1961

Elvis Presley, Spanking Jenny Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell has a tantrum and jumps into the ocean. Elvis pulls her out.  She tells him that no one cares about or loves her.  Elvis tells her that is not true and that what she needs for her childish pity party is a "good old fashioned spanking".

She tells him that no one has ever cared about her enough to even give her a spanking, so Elvis responds by putting her over his knee and spanks her behind which was covered by her wet skirt. He gives her 14 good hard spanks and Jenny yelps with each stroke. In the next scene she is seen sitting on some cushions at the dinner table.

**In real life Jenny Maxwell met an tragic death along with her husband Irvin Roeder, as they were shooting victims in a robbery in June 1981 in Los Angeles.

Jenny appeared in TV episodes of Route 66, Bonanza, 77 Sunset Strip, Wagon Train, Dr. Kildare, Death Valley Days and more.

Other movies she appeared is were:

Take Her, She's Mine (1963)

Shotgun Wedding (1963)

Blue Denim (1959)

"I Love Lucy" (TV) 1954.

Desi Arnez spanks Lucy.

Lucy wants to order a hat. Dezi offers to buy it for her. She gets on the phone and pretends to order it and tells them to deliver it as fast as possible, because in reality, she already had. As soo as she hangs up the doorbell rings and it is her hat being delivered.

Dezi seems humored by it all, laughing, and then puts his foot on the coffee table and puts Lucy over his knee and spanks
her with his had 6 times.

Here's another spanking pic from I Love Lucy,
but details of this one are not known.

"The Girl He Left Behind", 1956.

Tab Hunter spanking Natalie Wood

"Donovan's Reef",1963.

John Wayne spanks Elizabeth Allen

Other Good Spanking Movies - Sorry no pics

"Across the Wide Missouri" with Clark Gable

"The Secretary"

"Kill Bill Vol. 1", after killing about 100 yakuzas, Uma Thurman grabs one of few surviving men. She sees that he is a young teen in fear for his life. She turns him over her knee, spanks him  and says, "that's what you get [spank, spank] for hanging around with yakuzas!!"

"Frontier Gal", starring Yvonne De Carlo and Rod Cameron

Great spanking. Cameron has endured tons of brattiness from De Carlo for the entire movie. Had enough, he sits down and throws her across his lap and gives are about 50 good ones with his hand.  When he is finished a little girl who plays De Carlo's daughter, who watched with wide-eyed, exclaims, "You spanked my mommy! That means you love her!"

"Kiss Me Kate"

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